About us


Click Industries was founded by industry veterans and brothers-in-law Don Martin and Ron Click in 1976. Both had been working as Hotsy dealers for years and they were frustrated by the high prices and design rigidity in the power washer industry. They joined forces and created a solution to remedy this industry-wide issue. Since that time, Click Industries has been building custom machines and providing pressure washer parts at a fair price. Click is still an American, family-owned business with employees boasting 175 years of combined experience, and our prices still can’t be beaten.


  • Patty Byrd
    Expertise: Parts, Product Support

    Patty began her career with Click Industries 30 years ago as the manager of the shipping department. Currently, she is the Supervisor of Accounting, assisting customers with invoicing questions and supporting the sales department.

  • Don Martin
    Expertise: Customer Support, Shipping

    Don Martin founded Click Industries along with his brother-in-law, Ron Click, in 1976. After working for many years as a Hotsy dealer, he became frustrated with the constraints of the industry and joined forces with Ron to create a company that provides design flexibility and reasonable prices to both businesses and individuals. Don remains at the helm, after Ron’s passing in 2003.